Meet Kev Wise?   Always having a interest in Photography since the first camera I owned back in my teens, loved taking images when on holiday or just out and about at the weekends, but for the first 20 years of my adult life I took up DJing which was quite successful with the love for photography just hiding in the background. The Djing finished a few years ago for medical reasons, I then decided to pick up the camera after putting down the headphones and pursue my hobby futher. I was lucky enough to be introduced to the Miss England Organisation, which I have now been working with for just over 3 years which has opened many doors and oppurtunities for me with my photography, having work published , used for advertising and also numerous times in national press and not leaving out the amazing amount of models Ive had the luck of shooting with. I now work full time shooting for Honda Motorcycles , but in my time off work I'm working with various models to update their portfolio's, photographing events like Concerts, The Clothes Show, Wedding Show and Moda, shooting fashion catwalk shows with a new interest in shooting backstage and capturing the madness that goes on backstage that the audience do not see, or just going out for a walk and shooting landscape. What the future holds... who knows , but I do know it will involve Photography and creating Images!   Many thanks for visiting my website and please keep coming back to see updates to the galleries!   Kev 🙂 x 11011210_1435644100081024_5362248882884897600_n

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