11 thoughts on “James Graham, Jay James & Lauren Murray

  1. Hi, I’ve made several attempts to download my photo with Lauren from Saturdays platinum celeb event at bedworth Hall but each time it says “can’t open file” can you please give me some advice how to download it if possible please,many kind regards joe.

    1. I’m sorry to hear you are having problems… can you please let me know what you were wearing and I will ensure I email to you the images 🙂

      1. Hi sorry for the late reply, I was wearing a satin blue striped shirt and a black leather jacket, thank you kindly for responding to my email, many kind regards joe.

      1. I work with two guys with learning disabilities that came to the Bedworth show on Saturday I was going to ask if it was possible if you could send to some photo when they were on stage because my manger have ask me to do a booklet for the guys but I have only got video of them thanks Carol

  2. I saw some new pics of Jay james, is it ok if i share them on twitter? Great pictures btw, and your website looks great!!

    1. No problem at all , if you can just tagg myself @kevwisephoto and @platinumceleb1 in the shots then fire away ! 🙂 Many hanks for asking!

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